Wednesday, February 17, 2016

CNY 2016 In A Glance

Before marriage, Chinese New Year was just like another holiday for me to relax at home. I would watch as many movies on DVDs as possible. After marriage, situation became slightly different. I have to start preparing to look for the kids' clothings, shoes, the snacks for the family and so on.

This year, we try to be a little bit more creative by using the ang bao papers to decorate the house. Children were ropped in to help out for the spring cleaning.

Junior YS brought back his colouring school work home and very happy that he could colour so beautifully.

The children dressed up in their traditional costumes for their school's CNY celebration.

We had our 1st louhei during the reunion dinner at in-law's house.

#1 Day of CNY
Some tradition never dies. We make sure the children understand that it is a form of respect to kneel down in front of elders to say all the auspicious phrases they can remember to them. As parents, we hope they will impart this knowledge to their future generations too.

A wefie with my daughter.

The kids trying to pose for me at the temple.

We went house visiting

#2 Day of CNY

Children were having a bit of fun while paying our respect to ancestors at Mandai crematorium.

Taking a wefie again with my daughter.

#3 Day of CNY
Relatives from KL came to Singapore so we brought them out for a nice dinner.

Louhei again!

#4 Day of CNY

It was mil's birthday that day and we celebrated for her at a vegetarian restaurant.

Happy Lunar New Year everyone!

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