Friday, February 12, 2016

The Tooth Fairy Mystery Was Solved

Junior YS lost his very 1st tooth when he was 5 years and 6 months old. Actually the tooth suddenly became shaky when he accidentally bite onto the spoon while eating his chicken rice. He started to panic because there was blood flowing out from the gum. We were hesistating between these 3 options:
1) To bring him to the dentist straight away?
2) To wait till it drop out by itself?
3) To pull out the tooth by ourselves?

We decided to wait for a while to see if the tooth will drop out by itself. One week passed by and no sign of dropping off, I decided to use my own fingers to make the tooth shakier. The stubborn tooth decided to stay put and I told Junior YS, "That's it! I will bring you to the dentist to remove that shaky tooth!"

Junior YS was worried initially but I reassured him that the dentist will be gentle on him :P

Junior YS looked relieved that his tooth was finally out of the way and he was anticipating to receive some $$ from the tooth fairy that night..lol

Now you see it, now you don't!

The children always believe in tooth fairy and I accidentally leaked the cat out of the bag some time ago to YQ. I was tidying up my personal drawer  (where I kept most of my personal stuff together with the childrens' stuff). Suddenly I took out the tooth box and opened up to see all the little tooths I have collected for the past few years. YQ happened to come in and saw it. She asked me how come I have all these tooths with me and I was lost for words. 

YQ: Mommy, I thought tooth fairy took our tooths away?
Me: Oh...the tooth fairy asked me to safe keep all of your tooths.
*There was a moment of silence in my room
YQ: Mommy...you are the tooth fairy RIGHT?
*I just smiled at her and did not answer that question

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