Friday, April 8, 2016

A lesson on cycling

I'm not writing a post on how to learn cycle. It's just one of those failed parenting moment when I realised that I need to learn how to put my mood aside and learn to be more patience.

Ever since YS and YQ learnt how to cycle, we have been hoping that Junior YS will start to learn how to ride on 2 wheels faster so that he can upgrade and join his siblings faster. Although he is happy enough to scoot around together with his siblings but we wanted him to start riding on 2 wheels so that we can cycle together as a family.

It's just one of those days when hb wanted to bring the kids out for some fresh air and brought them out to cycle. We went to rent another small bicycle so that Junior YS can practise too. For some reason, my mood was kinda affected. Yah! I blamed it on the hot weather..lol! Junior YS was already not in the mood to cycle because he was unable to balance himself properly and I was not in the best mood to teach him. Being an insensitive mother, I told him to practise on his own and he kept showing me his "ai-mai" attitude. At one point, I lost my cool and he put the bicycle aside and stood alone in a corner. 

I realised what I've done was wrong and realised that his interest was so easily affected due to my emotional state of mind. I started to walk towards him and talked to him. When I promised him I will stay by his side, he started to show some interest again. I started to praise him and encourage him along the way and he was so happy when he was able to balance a little bit. 

Just when I thought I could catch a breather, his sister went to pin point at his mistake and he started to throw tantrum again +___+ Gosh!
When can this end? Can someone tell me?

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