Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Keeping fit as a family

Hb wanted a more active lifestyle for the kids (oh well...including me too!). Thus, we have decided to spend more time doing exercising together as a family rather than lazing at home doing nothing.

Since the recent opening of the latest one stop shopping place for all sorts of sports related stuff, we went to check it out. They have so many things which hb wanted to buy (luckily I stopped him to buy some of the bulky items) to start his exercising regimen and he purposely bought a few sports wear for me so that I have no more excuses to prevent myself from doing exercises with him (very clever of him hor?). He got a pretty good deal when he bought a water backpack from there too.

Cold Storage Kids Run will be our 2nd run this year and we are looking forward to more family runs this year if time permits.

Instead of lazing in the house watching television programs, we brought the kids down to the multi purpose court to play frisbee.

Normally we will laze around at home on a public holiday. That afternoon, we decided to jog cum walk from our house to SengKang Mrt Station.

After jogging, we did some push up, pull up bars and stretching before the day ended.

The next holiday day in lieu, we brought the kids out for cycling from our home all the way to Punggol. The kids enjoyed it and requested to do it again another day.

Taking a break and enjoying the serenity of the place.

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