Thursday, June 23, 2016

YQ Turns 9

It was a fabulous Saturday and the kids were very pleased with that day's arrangement as the birthday girl wanted to go rock climbing on her birthday. We spent about 8.5hrs (including 1hr of lunch break) at Kallang Wave Mall *gulp*. After that we went to have a sumptuous dinner and followed by cake cutting at home.

All the happy faces at Climb Central.

The kids got the chance to use their chalk bag and looking more confident to tackle more challenging climbing routes.

The birthday girl requested for DC Marvels cartoon cake.

Happy kids + birthday kiss :)

A surprised present for her!

Dear YQ,

Time flies, you have turned 9 this year. We can see that you have become slightly more mature in some ways and you are always the most helpful one at home too.

I still remember vividly a few months ago, you were so upset with one of your classmates because he accidentally caused you to fall down and one side of your diamond earrings went missing. You were so angry with him because he did not feel apologetic at all and said some nasty thing to you. When your teacher wanted to find out the cost of the earring so that your classmate had to pay for it, we told you to forgive and forget. My heart ached when I saw you cried so hard and long that night!

When you told me you were so happy that you almost cried that night, we were glad to know that we got you the right present :)

I hope you will continue to shine like a diamond in the sky and stay healthy and happy always!


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