Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Littlest Turns 6

The perk of being a pre-primary schooler is being able to celebrate his/her birthday celebration in the school as well as another birthday celebration with the family members. 

Since his birthday fell on a public holiday, we decided to avoid the places that were too crowded. We ventured into the very far end of the east side of Singapore and let them had a few games of bowling. Never mind that they were not so familiar with the game, they just anyhow threw the ball out? haha! Bowling used to be one of my favourite past time sports during schooling days, probably we should come back here more often to practice since we just renewed our memberships there.

A cake to end the day is a must in our family tradition :)

Dear son,

Soon, you will be going to Primary 1 next year and I know that you are very excited to go to the same school as your siblings. I think you have more or less quite prepared to proceed to the next phase in the coming year. 

You never fail to amaze me with your funny questions and shower me with lots of kisses before I drop you off at school every day. You are the funniest boy in the family and I hope you stay that way forever.

Happy Birthday my happy pill!

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