Thursday, October 27, 2016

Aikido 1st Grading

 We have been wanting to send the kids to learn some sort of martial arts for a long time. We felt its important for them to pick up some self-defence skills so that they know how to protect themselves in this unpredictable world. They have tried the Wing Chun martial arts many years ago and they simply have no interest at all. YS happened to know about Aikido martial arts from his friend and requested from us to sign him up for it. We were quite surprised about his sudden request because he had never shown much interest in other enrichment activities he went before. 

As parents, we felt as long as the child is interested in learning and financially we are able to cope, we are more than happy to let him pursue something he/she likes. They have started Aikido since 3 months ago and they look forward to the weekly lesson.

Recently, YS and YQ were selected to go for their 1st grading and they were pretty excited. Been promoted to the yellow belt was a great boost to their confidence level and I can't wait to see them attain more colourful belts down the road. As for Junior YS, he will be taking his grading in the next round and hopefully he will have the same excitement as his siblings when the time comes.

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