Thursday, October 6, 2016

Math Journey with Junior YS

With just a few more months left before the youngest embarks on the next phase (Primary School), we decided to teach him multiplication. It wasn't my plan to teach him now but just so happened that my mother reminded me that maybe I should try it on him since he is a fast learner. Thankfully, he is very open to learning new things.

After we had spent so much enrichment money on abacus lessons for his older siblings and honestly I felt the money were gone to waste since what they learnt during abacus lessons were not helping much in their math studies later on. Since then, I have decided not to sign Junior YS for any abacus lessons. Luckily, math is not a subject he fears or dislikes and so he is able to grasp the math concept easily during learning time in the school and at home.

He has learnt multiplication from 1 to 11....probably 12 will be the last one to teach him. 

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