Friday, December 23, 2016

The Graduation 2016

The youngest finally had his graduation ceremony in mid-December. The boy who had numerous rehearsals in the school was very secretive about his performance routine. All I knew was they were going to perform Indian fusion dance that day. Although he tried to show me a bit of the dance steps here and there when he's in the mood to do so but we never really got the chance to see the whole dance practice by him at home.

The older siblings were envious of him because he had the opportunity to wear pretty costumes on his graduation day. They complained why I did not switch school for them in the past :P Oh well! I guess that's life, lol!

Maybe I'm biased but I found that the performance by the Junior YS's class was the best among the rest. Asking 20 six years old to perform Indian fusion dance was not a small feat to me. Coordination and remembering the dance steps looked so easy on them but I knew they were training so hard for this day to showcase their talent to all their parents. Of course, the biggest credit has to go to their teachers for giving them guidance and patience to teach them.
Busy taking pictures before the ceremony started.

Taking pictures with friends and teachers for memory sake.

Receiving their certifications on the stage.

Only their class was doing the introduction for each individual students on the stage before the performance started.

All of them looked so poised and serious.

Impressive performance.

Everyone gathered on the stage after the performance ended.

Teacher gave each student a carnation flower for them to give to their parents as a token of appreciation.

My handsome Indian wannabe son :)

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