Thursday, April 27, 2017

The Love for Swing

The children had fond memories of the swing installed in our 1st home about more than 5 years ago. I remembered they were very sad when I decided not to take down the swing when we were moving to a temporary house to stay. Up till now, they will lament why we want to move in the first place. They still prefer our 1st home because it's more spacious (yes, I don't understand why the new houses are built so much smaller nowadays) and they missed the swing in the house.

Moving forward, we have been staying in this estate for a few years and they hardly go down to play at the playground because the playground facility is built to suit more for young toddlers. They kept telling us how much they missed the old swing and wanted to have something similar in our home now. Since our balcony is way underused, hb decided to transform part of the balcony area into their little "playground" by installing a swing area for them to play and relax. Of course, we took into consideration the safety issue before we decided to install the swing there. Now they are happy and contented to have a nice corner to enjoy their swing and admire the beautiful view from the balcony area.

We also believe that swinging has some benefits in children's growth development.

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