Monday, July 2, 2018

Q2 of 2018: Where did the time go?

It was a very busy month for us because the children had to go through grading exams and preparing for school mid-year exams. I do believe life is more than just good school grades so I let them pursue their interest out of their school curriculum. Glad that YQ has completed the RAD Grade 4 this year.

The littlest encountered a little problem before the grading exam but luckily jie jie and kor kor were giving him extra lessons at home. All of them passed with flying colours and were able to proceed to the next level smoothly.

April is also my mother's birthday month and this year we managed to give her a surprise birthday celebration.

All the mothers in our family gathered together to celebrate Mother's Day at my in-law's place. Sil bought 2 cakes (one alcoholic cake and one non-alcoholic cake) for everyone to eat.

YQ's first overseas trip without us and went on a cultural immersion trip to Taipei with her school. Glad she was given the opportunity to learn and explored about the culture in Taipei. The eldest went to help out at the P6 camp organised by his tuition centre. He came back a shade darker and voice coarser than before. As for the littlest, he got the chance to experience being an only child when his siblings were not around at home.

We decided to sign the littlest for art lessons during the school holiday. I have not signed him up for any regular art lessons due to the logistic issue. Unlike his siblings, they were exposed to regular art lessons for more than 2 years when they were younger.

June was a very busy and stressful month at work. The kids were very thoughtful to share their pocket money and bought me a gift and a cupcake. 

Father's Day was spent at the Sentosa Island. Despite his busy schedule, we brought the kids to the Luge and had a Father's Day lunch at Vivocity.

Feasting on Japanese food after the activity.

I was very surprised when YS told me that he wanted to shave his hair for the Hair for Hope charity event. Although the amount he had raised for the Children Cancer Society was not a big figure but we were mega proud of him.

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