Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Eye Examination for Junior YS

[Super backdated post]

We were super concerned because the last eye check was less than a year ago and he was squinting his eyes more often than ever. This got us quite worried and I decided to schedule an appointment for him with Health Promotion Board for a detailed eye check. Apparently, his vision still blurred and he hardly put on his spectacles which resulted in worsening the condition. 

The friendly staff dripped some eye drops into his eyes to relax the muscles so that they were ableto get a more accurate finding. We were shocked when we were told that his degrees had increased to about 200 per eye. The solution now is to put the Myopine eye drop every night for 6 months to monitor his progress.

Of course, the boy was more than happy to make a new spectacle.

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  1. hi, may you share your experience with this eyes drop ? Does it really can slow down the progression of the myopia? I am going to let me daughter to try it soon but still very worry if there is any side effect on it.