Friday, June 21, 2019

YQ turns 12

I'm not the kind of mother who loves to plan big birthday parties for my children every year so I promised them that I will organise one for them during their significant milestones (such as 12 years old, 18 years old or 21 years old). 

TWELVE is the last year before they embark to teenage years (I know...that's when the rebellious phase starts or maybe even earlier for others). TWELVE is also the final primary school years before the majority of them venture to their new secondary schools.

Planning a party seems so easy on the surface but to execute the whole thing is not an easy peasy task...at least for me. Kudos to all mummies and daddies who put in so much effort to plan their children's birthday parties every year. 

2 years ago, we did not organise the birthday party for my eldest since he just wanted to hold a small celebration within ourselves. But this year, my daughter was looking forward to this birthday celebration and I could not possibly disappoint her, right? 

The first thing I checked out was the birthday venue. There were too many options available but to find one that suits her personality and interest was a bit of a challenge at first. As I narrowed down the choices from indoor to outdoor activities, my girl decided to go for something she loved and tried a few years ago. We felt that it will be an activity which will be more fun and interesting for her friends. Wakeboarding sounded like an excellent idea since none of her friends has tried it before. The only concern for outdoor activity was the weather. I went to check the weather forecast a few days before and it was stated afternoon shower on my weather app.

Guess what? It was drizzling that morning and we kept praying that the rain can quickly stop soon. I was worried the wakeboarding session will be cancelled due to the rain but we were told that the session will proceed as per normal and will stop if there's thunder or lightning. We rented part of the cable-ski area for 2 hours to cater for 11 beginner riders. Instructor, ski and safety equipment was provided for us. The instructor was very engaging with the children and taught them the techniques of wakeboarding. Although my children have tried it a few years ago, I was still quite surprised to see them being able to wakeboard confidently.

The second thing which I checked out was the dining venue. Part of the reason why I chose Singapore Wake Park was because there's a cafe (managed by the same management) located just right beside the activity area. Since these children will be so hungry after 2 hours of intense workout, this was the best option to cut down on travelling time to another place to eat. 

Lastly, I planned this surprise cake for my girl a few weeks before the party. She did not have a single clue on the theme of the cake until the actual day after their meal time. Since most girls of her age are crazy about K-pop now so I decided to look for a home baker who can make BT21 jelly cake. The baker went the extra mile to order these jelly mould just to customise this cake for her. Of course, the surprised look on her face was priceless! The girls were in awe of the cute jelly cake design too.

 A mandatory group photo with all her closed girlfriends.

After meal activity - foosball

Overall, I should say the birthday party was a success and I hope the next one (in 3 years time) will be less challenging for me.

Dear daughter,

Being 12 means that you are more sensible and wiser now. Although this is a challenging year for you, we believe you can achieve your goal if you set your heart to do it wholeheartedly.

Friendship seems to be the biggest hurdle for you this year. I just want to let you know true friends will not do things to hurt your feelings. Sometimes, things happened for a reason and you will realise who are your unworthy friends. I am very proud of your maturity in how you handled the whole situation.

I know you are dreading to go through all these growing up and puberty phase. This is part and parcel of life, we need to learn how to embrace how our body changes.  

We love you and Happy 12th Birthday!


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