Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Junior YS turns 9

We held a very simple birthday celebration for the littlest this year. Our initial plan to bring him to the SuperPark was cancelled due to the roadblock near Suntec City area on a Saturday afternoon. In the end, we decided to have a simple lunch and spent some time at the arcade in the town area instead. Luckily this boy was understanding and did not make a big fuss about the last minute changes.

When we reached home, we sang the birthday song and ate the birthday cake. 

I guess the only consolation for him was his birthday presents. He is a fan of collecting Pokemon trading cards so all of us bought Pokemon cards for him. Since we spent so much money on Pokemon cards, I thought why not play a little "prank" on him instead. I wrapped several layers of newspapers and wrappers around the present and he was having a hard time trying to open layer by layer. The children had fun doing the unboxing video.

Dear Junior YS,

We hope you are growing wiser as you gain a year older. Sometimes, you tend to give us the most unbelievable answer out of the blue. You are funny in your own way and its a joy to see that you are such a joker in front of us.

Even though I feel annoyed at times when you want me to accompany you to wherever you go but deep down inside my heart I know you will slowly outgrow your fear and gradually you might not need me to be with you anymore.

I hope you will stay cheeky as always and bring more joy and laughter to our lives.


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