Friday, September 20, 2019

YS turns 14

YS's birthday happened to coincide on a school holiday and it was a great day to be able to sleep in later than usual. We prepared his presents early and told him to open only on his actual birthday. There was no plan or agenda to do anything on that day as we wanted to take it slow and easy since the daughter is having her tuition in the morning.

Of course, we did not forget about the birthday cake. Since the birthday boy has specially requested to order the cake from the same bakery as last year, I could not turn down his request. The cake arrived at our home slightly before noon time and we decided to hold the cake cutting session before we went out. 

Since hubby's schedule was quite free in the afternoon, we decided to make use of the family tickets which I have won from the online giveaway and took the opportunity to visit Changi Experience Studio at Changi Jewel. We purchased additional tickets at the counter so all of us were able to go in together. We spent almost 2 hours inside the studio and it was amazingly fun.

After the activity, we proceeded to have our dinner at one of the restaurants. The birthday boy decided to have Mexican cuisine on his special day. We dined at Tonito Latin America Restaurant.

Dear YS,

You're finally 14 this year!
You have slowly display your matureness even though I never tell you so. Taking the initiative to do well in your studies is something which I do not have to nag at you anymore. Your perfectionist and detailed nature is something which I admire and I hope you will continue to excel in whatever you are doing.

Growing up, mummy hopes you can learn to take some time to show more care and concern toward people around you. 


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