Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Family Trip to Seoul - Day 3

Our 3rd day in Seoul was very memorable and I remembered the night before, the kids were telling me that the weather forecast was expected to snow the next day. True enough, the first snowfall started in the early morning on 24th November 2018. All of us grabbed our jackets and dashed down to the hotel lobby to take pictures of the snowing view. It was definitely a lovely surprise to see the sight of snow in the city. 

Stood under the falling snow to take pictures.

Hotel staffs were busy shoving snow away from the driveway.

After the snowing surprise saga, we went to 63 Square Building to visit the Skydeck and Aqua Planet 63 (aquarium). It is one of the tallest building in Korea and visitors are able to get a spectacular view of the city.

Upon reaching the 60th level, we were welcomed by a series of art exhibitions. 

Lovely view of the city covered partially in snow.

Are you afraid of height?

After the visit to the Skydeck, we proceeded to the aquarium.

Different species of turtles

More turtles....

Colourful fishes....


Eel fishes....

Special mermaid show to entertain the crowd.

After we were done with the marine life, we decided to visit Noryangjin Fisheries Wholesale Market for some seafood indulgence. Many stalls were selling different types of seafood. It was an eyeopener experience for my kids as they have never been to a seafood wholesale market.

Stalls were located next to each other and seafood was displayed neatly.

Gigantic prawns

How can we miss out on gigantic crab? The stall owner was very kind to let the kids experience how it's like to hold a crab. This is the place whereby you can practise your bargaining skill with the locals. After we have selected our seafood, we were directed to dine at one of the restaurants located on the 2nd level.

Fear factor moment for my kids to try out live octopus being cut into small pieces. Octopus tasted especially yummy when it's being marinated with sesame oil.

We ended the night with happy bellies.

Sharing what we did on Day 4 of our Seoul trip.

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