Wednesday, August 26, 2020

A Disaster Haircut During Circuit Breaker

One of the craziest things I did during the circuit breaker was trying to trim my son's hair. It was also a tick off my bucket list coz I have been wanting to do this for years since my kids were young but never have the courage to do so. Since hair salons & barbershops were closed during that period, I searched online for a reasonably priced hair trimmer and waited many weeks for it to reach Singapore. Finally, it arrived the day before all hair salons & barbershops were able to resume back to operation. I was thinking to myself, if I really did such a terrible job then I could jolly well bring him to any hair salon to salvage the situation. It's not a bad idea after all and I don't want to waste the money since I had the hair trimmer with me.

No prize for guessing who was my hair model and was willing to sacrifice himself to be my guinea pig. Of course, Junior YS hesitated for a while but he was willing to give me a chance to display my "hidden talent" on his precious hair. haha! 

Look at his super SIAN look! I bet he felt super regretful that day. I cut his hair and made him looked like a mushroom :P

Oh well! I guess he could not totally blame his mommy since it was my first hair cutting experience. The whole process was torture for him because of my lack of professionalism. We were doing it in the bathroom (thinking that it would be easier to clean up the mess after that) and he started to perspire and got slightly cranky. On the other hand, I was trying to use the shortest possible time to finish the haircut but the hairstyle turned weirder as I cut shorter and shorter.

In the end, I have to bring him to a nearby hair salon for a haircut. I remembered the hairstylist was giving me a funny look when I brought my son to him. haha! I think this will be my first and last time trying to cut my kid's hair. 

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