Sunday, June 5, 2022

Lucca Vudor: Quality Shoes with Style

My preference for shoes has evolved over the years. From my obsession with high heels when I was younger (by enduring the pain and blisters caused by the shoes for sake of vanity) to mostly on sneakers, flats and low heels now due to my busy lifestyle. 

When the kind folks from Lucca Vudor approached me to do a review on their shoes. The first thing I did was browse through the website out of curiosity. What enticed me was their wide variety of shoe designs and Lucca Vudor claimed to be the world's most comfortable shoes.

So what makes Lucca Vudor shoes so different from other brands?

Source from website

  • Top-quality calfskin/lambskin for soft, breathable comfort
  • Extra room for those delicate toes - no painful cuts or rubs
  • Specially engineered cushion insoles for added support and lift
In addition, for local orders via their online platform:

Source from website

I went to one of their outlets located in Suntec City to collect the shoes. When I tried them on for the very first time, the shoes fitted me to a T. The front part is wide enough for my wide feet plus I have bunions issue as well. The soft insoles are so comfy to the soles of my feet as if I am walking on cotton candy. 

New Arrival Section

Colourful range of shoes in the store

Trying out the comfy shoes

I chose a pair of Symphony 631-45 in beige-Apricot colour to match most of my work and leisure clothes. The cutting and design of the shoes create a slender look for my wide feet. Most importantly, every step I take is so comfortable. There is no cut or blister on my feet at all.

Give Lucca Vudor shoes a try and you will understand what I am saying. You got to try it to believe it! Moreover, there is a discount available right now on their website.

Disclaimer: A pair of Lucca Vudor shoes was received for purpose of this review. No monetary was compensated, all opinions are my own.

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