Tuesday, July 5, 2022

LUMOS TEMPO Wireless Earbuds Review

Honestly, I have not tried any good quality wireless earbuds for a long time. The last pair of wireless earbuds which I have gotten at a very cheap price started to malfunction on one side within six months. The current one which I am using is a single wireless earbud and the design has a plastic loop over my ear which causes pain to the outer part of my ear after long wearing. When the kind folks from LUMOS Projector approached me to review their LUMOS TEMPO wireless earbuds, I couldn't be happier to try them out since they come with so many features.

Some of my favourite features of LUMOS TEMPO are:

Superior Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) & Ambient Mode
LUMOS TEMPO's ANC feature is able to cancel out up to 42db, whereas the industry average earbuds are able to cancel out up to 30db. I tried to toggle between ANC and ambient mode while I was driving. I could feel the drastic difference when I turned on ANC mode, the sound of the car engine and the air from the aircon vent was totally blocked out. This feature is going to be very useful when I need total concentration and not get myself distracted by outside noises during zoom meetings. 

At times when I need to be aware of the surrounding sounds yet to be able to enjoy listening to the music or watching k-dramas on my mobile phone, I can switch to ambient mode.

Longest Battery Life
LUMOS TEMPO packs a maximum of 30 hrs battery life (Fully charged casing is 23 hrs & earbuds is 7 hrs). Working mothers like myself can relate to lesser frustrating moments of dead earbuds and hassle of recharging needed.

High Defination (HD) 6-Mic Calling
LUMOS TEMPO is equipped with 6 mics vs the traditional 4 mics set up. This means my voice can be heard clearer & sharper during calls.

Overall, I love the design and the casing comes in light grey matte finishing. These wallet-friendly wireless earbuds (now on promotion at SGD$179) are a local brand and come with a one-year local warranty. If you are looking for good quality wireless earbuds which are comparable with other premium brands in the market, go and get them from LUMOS website. The company currently only ships in Singapore and Malaysia.

Disclaimer: I received 2 pairs of LUMOS TEMPO for the review purpose. No monetary is compensated, all opinions are my own.

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