Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Disney on Ice...

Disney on Ice came to perform in Singapore this year again, my 2.5 years old son who has been a fan of Mickey & Minnie mouse was so excited when he saw the advertisement shown on the TV. Whenever the advertisement was shown on the TV, my boy would say "Mickey Mouse, fei fei (fly fly), I want to watch Mickey Mouse!"

Ah ma who heard this decided to bring him to watch the show. In the end, I was instructed by my mum to book 2 tickets from online sistic website (my mum paid for those tickets that cost near to $200 *faint*). Unfortunately, all the front row seats were sold out & the best seats I could get for them was the 2nd row at the side of the stage. So on 16th March @ 3.30pm, my mom brought the excited boy to Kallang Indoor Stadium to watch Disney....

After the show ended, they took a cab to my in-laws' house and our little boy was satisfied with the performance and kept showing us his Disney toys. Ah ma also praised our boy for being such an obedient boy that day.

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