Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Splitting Headache...Arrghhh

Today I had such a bad headache that I was not able to concentrate in my work, unable to consume much food and spend more time with my children. The only thought that came into my head was "Pain! Pain! go away..." I seldom have the symptom of pain in my head & hardly fall sick *touch wood*! I guess I'm quite lucky in that sense that since I have to juggle work & family.
But the pain was so unbearable that I felt numbness around my temple area & I applied so much medicated oil that the whole of my forehead felt icy cold. I dare not consume any painkiller because I'm allergic to certain drugs. It happened twice to me before that my eyes became swollen, itchy & puffy (I looked so much like a panda!). Out of curiosity, I went to Internet search engine and look for cure on headache...I guess different people need different methods to get rid of the pain. Hmm...maybe a vacation break (sitting on the gondola along the Venice river...wow!) will be a good idea to cure my pain!

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