Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Busy Boy

Recent outing to Singapore Zoo on a warm sunny day, managed to take a pic for them. Our actual camera was on low bat & I had to use my camera phone to take.

YanShang posed with his favourite Barney on one of those kiddy rides

YanShang was a bit terrified of the fake giant Panda @ Courts Megastore, he did not dare to touch it at all.

One of the usual pose with him sucking on his pacifier, hopefully he can kick off that habit soon.

One of those rare occasion, YanShang trying to force a kiss on mei mei's cheek...haha!

YanShang was playing his toys in Ah Ma's room & it was time to go to sleep. So Ah Ma was telling him to keep away his toys, I was surprised to hear the conversation between my mother & our little boy:

Translated from Mandarin:

Ah Ma: Can you keep away your toys? It's time to go to sleep!

YS: No, I can't. I'm very busy now, not free!

Wah Lau! Our little boy talked like an adult now....guess he must have picked it up during occasions when he asked us to do something & we will tell him that we're not free, LOL!

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