Monday, May 26, 2008

Child Care

Past 1 month was quite a hectic & mentally stressed out period for me, trying to juggle between family & work problems. After a long consideration, we had enough of all the nonsense & decided to discontinued YanShang from the playgroup session & decided to look for a nearby childcare centre for him. I was looking for a suitable full-time childcare centre thru the Internet, ranging from location to services to pricing etc. YanShang haven't even start his P1 yet & I'm starting to feel the stress in looking for a suitable childcare centre for him (really salute to those parents that can afford to take time off to do voluntary works or move houses so that they can ensure their children can get the priority to get into the "school").

After some calling here & there, went to survey a few centres & we had decided to enrol him into Moriah Schoolhouse. But due to the good response from the parents, YanShang can only start in mid-July. Well...I guess we'll let him enjoy 1+ month of freedom at home for the time being & hopefully he will start to like the new environment & be able to learn more stuff in school soon. That reminded me that it's time for YanShang to take his flu-jab soon, I'm sure his immune system will be weak for the 1st couple of months & more visits to the PD (X my fingers).

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