Monday, May 5, 2008

Meaningful Weekend

Mei Mei in her swim wear..
View of West Coast

Kor Kor roaming around...

Kor Kor at one of the playgrounds @ West Coast Park
Last weekend was very busy for me, my mum went up to KL & Kuantan since Friday night to visit her sisters. Hubby was working non-stop from Friday morning till Saturday night & did not come back home to rest at all. I was left with 2 kids at home all by myself, juggling between housework & looking after our 2 little darlings. I managed to put them to sleep early on Friday night and took some time to finish up the housework & watched some TV programs.

On Saturday, I brought the children out to the nearby shopping centre to have KFC & was shopping for swim wear for mei mei. There were so many styles & patterns, got the bikini type, the full suit type, got the normal swim suit type. As a calculative mother, I was looking for a swim wear that could last longer for mei mei to wear. Personally, I do not like to buy those full body suit swim wear, I prefer those separated top & bottom wear. Another advantage is that I can buy a few different sets to mix & match, plus if mei mei grows taller, the swim wear can still last her for quite a while. After a bit of shopping, kor kor complained that he wanted to go back home and rest (sounds like a typical guy who's getting impatient shopping with his wife, haha!). So I brought them home and started to get busy with housework again!

Sunday was quite a busy day for us, we brought our children for a swim again early in the morning. Both of them were enjoying so much at the pool but they were exhausted by the time we reached home to rest. After their nap time, We brought kor kor for his music lesson at Hougang Mall & then bought a massage cushion at the OTO Road Show. We were doing some errands for my in-laws in the west part of Singapore & hubby decided to bring us to West Coast Park for a walk since all of us never been there before. It was interesting to see the slight difference between East & West side of the coast. We hung around there for a while and decided to go back home because the weather was so hot & humid. All of us were perspiring & feeling sticky all over! The best thing to do was to go home, took a cool bath & relaxed in our newly bought massage cushion.

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