Friday, May 2, 2008

Swimming lesson

Yesterday was Labour Day in Singapore, hubby decided to go for a swim in the late morning. So i quickly packed hubby's & YanShang's swimming trunks, towels & all the necessary stuffs & set off to the nearby public pool (Hougang Swimming Complex). I didn't buy any swimming costume for YongQing plus my old swimming costume was too small (sad to say that I haven't regain back my previous figure ever since I gave birth, still got 5 more kilos to lose! *feeling guilty*), so both us only got the chance to watch. Sigh!

YanShang was very excited about this swimming trip, this will be his 3rd time heading to the pool. Surprisingly, he did not cry this time round and was enjoying himself so much playing & splashing the water. We brought a mini soccer ball for him and when other children at the pool saw him with the ball, some of them flocked to him to play the ball. As for me, I was busy eating & drinking at the canteen area *feeling even more guilty*...haha! YongQing took a nap while waiting for me to finish my food. We waited for about an hour for the them & when it was time to go home, YanShang was crying and protested to stay back & wanting to play some more.

After we left the pool, we decided to go to Hougang Mall to have Sushi lunch. This time round we tried the Ichiban Sushi, the variety is much better than the ones that we usually frequent & the pricing is cheaper. I don't mind going back again to patronise this Sushi joint....yummy! YanShang was already feeling tired & crappy after lunch, so we headed back home to rest. YanShang's complexion is definitely much darker & healthier this time, at least I can see that his skin tone is darker than mine, finally! He has very fair skin tone ever since baby & even fairer than his mei mei. Now he came home with a healthy tan...looking more suave!

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