Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Truth!

For the past weeks, our dear boy complained that he did not want to go to school (playgroup). We thought that maybe he was being bullied in school etc, etc...

Yesterday, my mum went to ask the teacher in charge whether anyone bullied YanShang? In the end, teacher told my mum that every time when the class splited into 2 groups to play some toys, YanShang & another boy will go & disturb the other group by taking their toys. So YanShang was reprimanded by the teacher & he was not happy of course! On one hand, I was relieved that he was not bullied in school. But on the other hand, I'm worried that if he doesn't stop his nonsense in class, he will still get reprimanded for the same reason everyday.

Me: YanShang, you must behave yourself in school & listen to teacher's instruction okay?

YS: Okay!

Me: Do not take other people's toy while they are playing with it, it's very rude to do that okay?

YS: Okay!

Me: You must be guai guai (behave well) so that Teacher Mas won't scold you anymore okay?

YS: Okay!

I really hope he will understand what I've told him & be more obedient in school from now onwards.

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