Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

As usual, YanShang thought that the cake was meant to celebrate B'day & started singing B'day song when he saw the cake on the table...*faint*

YanShang gave Ah Ma a Carnation as Mother's Day gift
We had a very simple Mother's Day celebration this year, I went to buy 2 Durian cakes from emicakes (one for my mum & one for my mum-in-law). The cakes were super delicious...really value for money. YanShang also chosen 2 carnation flowers for each of them. No fancy gifts or dining at fancy restaurants this year....we had dinner at my in-laws place that's all! Although Mother's Day is a day to honour mothers...but personally I felt that we don't have to be extra nice to our mothers only on that specific day. We should be filial & nice to them every single day of our lives & appreciate what they have done for us. Sometimes I felt people are only trying to be super nice only on the special day but they neglected the importance of caring for one another on normal days. What's the point rite?

Although it's my 3rd year celebrating Mother's Day with my children, I knew they are still too young to understand what is it. But I do hope they will grow up with a sense of filial piety towards parents & grandparents. I admit I'm not a 100% perfect mummy coz I do have my flaws & imperfections. But every single day, I'm learning to be a good mummy to the children...trying to control my temper, trying to teach them the correct stuff, trying to give them the best in everything. Anyway, Happy Mother's Day to all the mummies in the world!

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