Wednesday, June 18, 2008

12 Months Old + Birthday Celebration

Yes..YongQing is finally 12 months old. A very cheeky girl who loves to smile & laugh, here are some of her current developments:-
1.She is quite adventurous & will not resist trying out new things / food that we fed her.
2.She can say bye bye, mama, papa, yeye, korkor, ma (ah ma), no no.
3.She is a TV addict, will watch her favourite programs like nobody business.
4.She likes to mess up all the toys in the house & in the end mummy will instruct kor kor to help out with the mess.
5.She likes to throw out her pillows, bolster & pacifier out of the playpen.
6.She likes to play water and try to swim like a pro.
7.She likes to read story books, can sit there reading the book by herself.
8.She is an observer, like to see & imitate what people do.

We held her birthday celebration a few days earlier than the actual day at my in laws' place. I know majority of the parents would organise big party for children's 1st birthday party, but I prefer quiet celebration instead. So I went to Swensens online & order an ice-cream cake. 2 days before the celebration, I was told by my mil that most of the relatives will be having a gathering at their house *faint*. Worried that the 1kg ice-cream cake won't be enough to feed all of them, I purposely went to Prima Deli to order more cupcakes. Luckily they accepted my last minute order *phew*!

On the actual day, we went to pick up my mum at Compass Point (she went to collect the cake & cupcakes for us) after YanShang finished his music lesson. Everyone was there so we quickly proceeded on to the mini celebration for YongQing. I was relieved that everything was finally over. On her actual birthday, we bought a small mango cake from Emicakes to celebrate for her at home, the cakes was so soft & the sweetness was just right, so yummy!

P/S: On behalf of YongQing, I would like to thank all the gu po's families, shu gong's families & great-si yi po for the ang baos. Thank you Gugu & Gu Zhang (in melbourne) for the lovely clothings. Thank you to my in laws for the lovely clothings & the gold bracelet. Thank you Ah ma for the diamond necklace (she such a lucky girl to be able to own such a extravagant gift so young).

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