Monday, June 16, 2008

Cookie Cutter

What to do when you child refuse to eat his/her bread? The solution: Use the cookie cutter! I bought this set of cookie cutters from Daiso 2 weeks ago & it has come in handy when YanShang was trying to be funny & refuse to take his cheese bread. So I use it to cut out the various animal shapes & finally he was willing to cooperate with me to finish up his food.

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  1. hello, i hopped here from FB Hip Blogging Mummy group... and noticed that both of our 2 kids are of the same age... i have a son age 29mths, and a daughter 10mths... ;) when I saw the video of your meimei shaking head it just reminded me of my little missy...teehehe

    do come over to my blog for a visit when you have time ya...