Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Decision Is Final

I guessed majority of the parents in Singapore with more than 1 children should have received a letter from MCYS by now. I received mine a few days ago, informed us that we have to choose between Bank O or Bank S to take over the current CDA account from Bank D. The offers from both banks look attractive & similar. After a thorough discussion with hubby, hubby was thinking of Bank S but I was thinking of Bank O. Well...obviously, hubby was eyeing on the Free Nintendo Wii Console, I had my doubt on that so went to read through the Terms & Conditions stated behind the brochure, I told hubby that I don't think we will be so lucky to be qualified as the first 100 customers anyway. Plus I do not encourage to have any gaming consoles in the house, coz I know hubby will be glue onto the TV screen all day playing non stop & worry that YanShang might get addicted to gaming and neglect his studies in future, maybe I'm worrying too much!. By the way, Bank O will issue a card to all CDA account holder that can be utilised for future discounts at participating outlets (I'm was eyeing on this instead...haha!)

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