Thursday, June 5, 2008

33 Months

Our 33 months old boy has improves quite a bit in his speech development, he will talk like a big brother & ask questions. Almost every now and then, he will surprise us with his action *faint*.

Ah ma: Keep your toys!
YS: I don't know how to keep the toys

YS: Mouth dirty!
Ah ma: Wipe yourself
YS: I don't know how to wipe

My mum told me that YanShang pinched his sister's cheek this morning and said to her "Why you so naughty har?" Now he also try to discipline his sister when he can't even discipline himself...haha!

His current favourite snack is cheese bread & apple, favourite Vcd & song is "zao an lao shi" (Good Morning Teacher in Mandarin version), still very clingy to Ah ma, his pacifier & his smelly pillow.

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