Friday, June 6, 2008

Healthy Chicken Salad

This is one of the dishes I usually prepare during my Uni days & now it's also one of my hubby's favourite food. The recipes are as follows (there is no specific quantity required):-
- Chicken Fillets / Chicken Breast (without skin so it's healthier)
- Roman Lettuce / other veges (celery / carrot / cucumber)
- Apples / other fruits (orange / pear / pineapple / grapes)
- Tomatoes
- Salad Sauce (personally I prefer the Thousand Island salad sauce)
1) Cut all the vegetables, fruits & chickens into pieces.
2) Display them on the bowl / plate accordingly
3) Squeeze some salad onto the salad
4) Heat up the frying pan
5) Throw in the chicken pieces and pan fry till slightly golden brown (Normally I don't add any cooking oil because I'm using a non-stick pan & it's more healthier as well)
6) If you find the taste of the chicken too bland, you can sprinkle a bit of cajun spices / herbs onto the chicken while cooking for added taste.

*Pardon me for the lousy display!

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