Sunday, June 15, 2008

Hello Kitty Here I Come...!

(Backdated Post)

The moment my hubby heard I bought a Hello Kitty computer keyboard, he shook his head & gave me an unbelievable look. Yes...I'm admit I'm not a young girl anymore but I don't find it pai seh (embarrassing) to use Hello Kitty stuff. Personally, I felt that as long as I'm not too overboard with the obsession, I'm fine with it. Who doesn't have a favourite cartoon character when they were young? It was an impromptu purchase when I was picking up my son & my mum from a nearby shopping centre after the clown show & the auntie who sold me the keyboard thought that I was buying it for my daughter :P

I don't deny the fact that I'm a fan of Hello Kitty since young, I would always go to Sanrio shop to check out on the latest Hello Kitty stationery, bags, etc. As an only child I guess I'm quite lucky in a way that whatever Hello Kitty stuff I like, my mother would get it for me. Even though I'm a mother of 2 now, I still have a soft spot for Hello Kitty stuff, the only difference is that I've mellowed down quite a bit. I remembered when hubby was posted to Osaka to work for 2 years, I visited him a few times & felt so happy when I saw all the Hello Kitty display & stuff sold there, it's like a paradise / heaven to me...muahaha!

Occasionally, I do still purchase small items to satisfy my needs...haha! Now I have a darling daughter, that gives me even more excuses to buy Hello Kitty stuff for her (maybe I will stop doing that when she starts to protest that she prefers other Sanrio / cartoon characters). In fact, I just bought a pair of Hello Kitty shoes for her as a birthday present :P and I'm going to utilise the new Hello Kitty pink keyboard in the office...so kawaii! So I foresee more Hello Kitty stuff to be added to my collection from now on...

My new keyboard on my messy work desk...woohoo!

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