Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello...Can U Hear Me?

Last weekend, YanShang had one of his ears cleared of ear shit (ear wax). Papa happened to check on his ears & found that the ear wax was so full that it was blocking the internal of the ear. So I went to get the ear wax drops & papa dripped a few drops onto each side of YanShang's ears. Within half an hour, papa managed to extract out a big piece of smelly ear wax out from YanShang's right ear (we were guessing maybe the ear wax was accumulated since newborn). After that papa tried to do the same to the other ear, but the ear wax was too hard to be extracted out so we'll try again another day, we did not want to frighten the boy! YanShang was very well behaved & did not protest while papa was clearing his ears.Gross isn't it? The length of the ear wax is as long as my thumb nail. But it was a relief to see that it's finally removed from his ear...now it's clean & not smelly anymore! We were shocked by the size of the ear wax that papa asked me to take down a picture of it (I was wondering if this can make it to the Guiness Word Record for having such a big ear wax...:P)

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