Friday, June 20, 2008

Retail Therapy

The annual Great Singapore Sale (GSS) has started for quite a while already, but busy mummy doesn't seem to have enough time to shop for cheap bargains. Yesterday, hubby reached home quite early, so I took the opportunity to ask hubby to coax YongQing to sleep. As for me, I drove my mum & YanShang out to the nearest shopping mall for a walk. My main aim was to find some clothing to fit me coz the old ones are too small & tight, my excess fatty tummy always let people misunderstood that I'm pregnant, sigh!

Yeah! we went to all the boutiques & browsed thru all the clothings. Nothing seemed to attract my eyes, in the end I only managed to purchase 2 dresses from Metro (at least better than nothing). After that, we went to Mini Toons to get a new playmat for the children, I was contemplating between Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse designs. In the end, I bought the Mickey Mouse playmat for them because it's suitable for unisex. I used to buy the alphabets playmat for YanShang in the past, but cleaning & clearing up the various mats was a nightmare for me plus the mats gave out a very strong chemical smell & it's not long lasting as well. This time round, I decided to spend a bit more money on good quality playmats for them. At least it's easier to clean, long lasting & I just need to roll it up when I want to put it away. It was a good deal to get the playmat now because there's 15% discount for this item purchased at Mini Toons.

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