Thursday, July 17, 2008

1st Day @ Childcare Centre

Yesterday was the first day of school @ the childcare centre, I purposely took leave from work & accompanied him to Moriah School House. He was fine & happy along the way till he reached the school. Just when I thought I was able to leave him there, he started crying & wanted to go home. Maybe he was scared of the new environment, I thought he will be fine becoz for the 1st half of the year he attended the neighbourhood playgroup (1.5 hours class) & he was fine all the while.
So boh bian, I had to sit down with him, coaxed him to take his breakfast until his lesson started at 9am (I spent about 1 hour trying to calm him down as he was crying non stop). Finally, I managed to sneak out of the centre by telling YanShang that I needed to go to the toilet. When he found that I was not coming back for him, he was wailing & crying but that only lasted for a while *phew*! During the 7 hours he was there, I called the teacher twice to make sure he was fine.
When I went to fetch him from school after his tea break session, he was so happy to see me & was telling me that he liked the school, the students & teachers..I was relieved to hear that! But the only issue that made me pondered whether I should continue to let him go there for long term is the distance between my home to his school. I'm still considering to let him go back to the nearby nursery located nearby my home when the school term starts next year.

Giving me a "No" sign to stop taking pictures, he was going thru the morning moodiness mood!

After warmed up, he finally gave me a morning smile!

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