Monday, July 14, 2008

Busy weekend

We woke up very early on Saturday morning & got ourselves prepared to go back to JB. Yes...after so long, I finally got a chance to go back to my hometown. I'm still holding on to my Malaysia citizenship & always will. Although I spent majority of my life studied & live in Singapore..but once in a while I will speak with a bit of Malaysian mandarin accent and hub will make fun of me. But I guess it's one of the ways to link me back to my root. However, I try my best not to influence my children as much as possible.

We decided to go back thru the Tuas Causeway hoping that the traffic jam will be better than the Woodlands Causeway (we were stucked in the jam for 1 hour). We needed to go back becoz my mum's newly built house @ Bukit Indah needed our help to check & to report to the management for any defaults found. So far the workmanship was quite good (at least better than the previous house @ Bukit Kempas) except a few minor crack here & there. This time my mum decided to buy a one storey terrace house because she's getting older & it's quite tedious for her to clean up two storey terrace house. After all the ding dong, checking & roaming around to check out the renovation stuff, we were dead tired nearing the end of the day. My mum treated us for dinner (ordered 1 curry fish head, 1 stir fried vege, 1 fried tofu & 1 pan fried egg) & altogether cost less than RM$60, so cheap! I foresee my mum will be very busy with all the renovation works soon.

New house @ Bukit Indah

Thirsty YongQing sipping her water @ the zhi char restaurant

Ah ma posing with YanShang

On our way home...

Sunday is family gathering @ Parkway Thai (a Thai restaurant owned by my hub's relatives), they are going to close down the branch @ Parkway Parade & will move to somewhere instead. Therefore, all of us were invited for the last lunch gathering at the restaurant. I did not eat much becoz I'm not a big eater especially at buffet lunch / dinner anyway.

YongQing posing with gugu
YanShang roaming around with his cousin
YongQing's very un-glam pose on the baby chair


  1. Oooh. The new house looks nice! =)

  2. Thks...i like the new house too & they are building big shopping centre nearby so quite convenient.

  3. Oh... the Parkway Thai is going to close??? Gosh! Been ages since I went there!

  4. Ya lor, but the branch at Centrepoint is still open for biz.