Saturday, July 5, 2008

34 Months

YanShang is turning to 34 months real soon, all I can say that he's still a very cheeky kid & asking lots of funny questions that I couldn't answer. Yesterday, hubby needed to go to hospital to do some detailed check & I decided to bring along our boy with us, he was so happy when he knew we are going to bring him out to kai kai (go out). During our meal time, the sunlight was shining towards our seating direction & YanShang was quite irritated by it.

Translated from our mandarin conversation
YanShang: Can you turn off the sunlight?
Mummy: You can't turn off the sunlight, the sunlight will slowly go home at the end of the day. *wink*
(pardon me, I was trying to use children language to communicate with him so that he can understand me better)

Below are some random pics of the children:

Kor Kor & Mei Mei look so alike when they are consuming their "power drink"!

YanShang learning to consume the noodles by himself, still not 100% successful yet but at least a bit of improvement is shown.

Mei Mei enjoying herself in the play yard (previously used by Kor Kor)


  1. hope i can fit a play yard in my place so I can lock Darrius in there!

  2. Of course u can, provided Darrius does not try to climb over the barrier..:)