Thursday, July 10, 2008

Never ending task...

For the past few nights, I have been trying to coax our 2 little darlings to sleep at the same timing. Normally in the past, I will coax mei mei to sleep first in our room. Then my mum will coax kor kor to sleep in her room at a later timing. Nowadays I realized kor kor goes to bed quite late (as he used to go to bed at around 8.30pm-9pm) & he's going to the childcare early in the morning from next week onwards, so I'm a bit worried that he's going to has some difficulty in waking up early coz normally he will be feeling moody in the morning (like mother like son, hehe!).
I know it's going to be tough on kor kor coz he prefers to sleep with Ah Ma & will cry for her at night. But for the past 2 nights, I managed to persuade him to sleep in our room. I will prepare their milk and story books first, then after they had finished their milk, I will let them read & browse thru their story books. After maybe 10-20 minutes of reading & playing, I will switch off the lights & start to sing for them...& gradually both of them will doze off and venture into their dreamland *phew*!
My work is never ending from the day starts from 5.30am till very late at night, I seldom sleeps throughout the night when I coax our babies to sleep unless I'm really really tired or feeling sick. Instead, when I woke up blur blur from my little nap after our babies are asleep, I will start to do some housework. I guess this is the road I chose for not willing to engage any maid for the time being. The bad experiences with those maids already burned off some of my brain cells. I did not want any additional problem to arise at the moment so I rather carry all the burdens. Call me stupid or insane, people might think why I don't want to engage any maid when we can afford to? But engaging a maid to me is an additional emotional burden / stress (I'm not saying all maids are a burden to all families but majority might agree with me on this issue, isn't it?). I just hope by the time when ger ger can also go to childcare with kor kor, at least my mum is able to get more rest as well. Knowing that she has been sacrificing so much of her time and energy in looking after our 2 babies, I have a sense of guilt in me all the time. How I wish one day miracle can happen & I can be a SAHM and look after the children instead of relying on her all the time, sigh!

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