Friday, August 8, 2008

8 Million Jackpot!

Yes! 8 Million Dollars for the ToTo on 08.08.08, what a nice figure on a nice date isn't it?
Of course, no harm to invest a bit without fail every week hoping to fulfil my little dreams (got buy then got the chance mah!). Day-dreaming is one of my favourite hobbies..hehe!
Come to think of it, there will be so many thing I can do with 8 Million dollars (well..just let me win half of it & I will be contented already, muahaha!). There's quite a number of things I want to do on my current wish list....
- Settle all the debts
- Invest in properties & stocks
- Buy a nice car for hubby
- Give some money to our parents
- Donate some to charity
- Keep some aside for children's future investment
- Go for a nice holiday
- Go Shopping for LV, Gucci, Prada, CK, Coach.....the shopping list is never ending *drooling*.
- Send the children for good enrichment courses.
- Start a small biz so that I can quit my job and be a Stay-At-Home-Working Mum (or best is stop working for a few years & be a full-time housewife to the children).
Wah Seh.....the list can go on & on....dreams are always dreams. If the God of Fortune comes knocking on my door then good lor, otherwise I'm still back to reality *sigh*!

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