Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Art of Folding Clothes

Children are down with viral infection, YanShang is using his handkerchief to wipe away the mucus!
YanShang took a small towel and laid it on top of the coffee table.
He took one end of the towel and pulled it up.
He laid it properly in half & continued to finish the rest of the steps by himself.

Normally if I have spare time, I will try to fold all the clothings before the children go to sleep. Sometimes the children will try to help by messing up all the clothings or they will play with laundry baskets. YanShang has been quite sensible nowadays, he will try to help me but the clothes will still look messy after that. Occasionally I will teach him simple folding techniques on towels or handkerchiefs, and left all the more "complicated" tasks to myself :)
Now he can do a good job on simple folding on towels & handkerchiefs without any worries at all! Hopefully he will be a good helper at home & to his future wife *smile* as well....


  1. Hi Amy,

    How have u been? It has been quite a while since we last spoken. Looks like you have two very lovely kids :)

  2. Wow..Amy..you boys are very helpful in your domestic affairs..you have trained them well.(^&^)