Sunday, August 17, 2008

Age & Appearance

Age is quite a sensitive topic to talk at times. In fact both Hub & myself are born in the same year but I am a few months older than him. But out of fun, Hub will crack jokes on our age difference. To console myself, I will tell him that people can't tell the difference coz I look younger than him..muahaha! Out of curiosity, I asked YanShang this question when all of us were in the car the other day:

Translated from Mandarin
Mummy: YanShang! Who looks younger? Papa or Mummy?
YanShang: Papa! *wah piang*
Feeling that his answer not justified enough, I went to ask again
Mummy: YanShang! Who looks older? Papa or Mummy?
YanShang: Papa! *wink*
This time Hub asked him again
Papa: Who looks older? Papa or Mummy?
YanShang: Mummy! *Grrr*

In the end, the result is 2 to 1 & I lost...boohoohoo! Well...since his answer is not definite, I will ask him again in a few years time. Maybe by then, he will say the truth bah....

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