Thursday, October 2, 2008

Baby's Leg Warmer

Baby leg warmers is my latest purchase thru internet shopping, although it's a bit late to buy now but I guess YongQing still can use it when she feels cold in air-conditioned places / during rainy days. What prompted me to search for this was before the Genting trip. I went to buy a pair of long socks for her thinking that her feet could fit into it but my measurement was wrong & the size was way too big for her. Feeling frustrated, I went to internet to search for a similar product & found this baby's leg warmer. I found out different websites were selling similar products at different pricing (some were originally from Australia..some were from Japan). In the end, I went to order from this website coz it's the cheapest I could find so far & at least I would not feel so heart pain if it doesn't fit her at all. But if the size fits nicely on her, I don't mind to order a few more pairs for her...haha!

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