Monday, October 6, 2008

37 Months

YanShang has proceeded to 37th months...time passes so fast. Our little boy has indeed grown a lot & some bad habits had started to surface. Here are some of his progression:
1. Mr "Why & What"? Why did I say that? He has started to ask me ample of questions like "why like this mommy?" / "What is this called?"....the questions were never ending *faint*. I know it's good for him to ask since his curiosity is at a peak at this stage...but certain questions really left me speechless at times.
2. Mr Picky-He has started to become more picky in his food selection, which gave me quite a bit of headache most of the times (I wondered if he picked up this bad habit from his classmates from the childcare centre). Whenever I tried to force him to take a little bit of this and that, he will vomit out his food *sigh*
3. Mr Possessive-He has become possessive over all the toys at home, although most of the toys are meant to be shared between the siblings but whenever he sees mei mei is holding any toys in her hand, he will snatch it away. He does not want to share toys with her! Then mei mei will start to protest by screaming at him or cried out loud. We told him so many times & I even punished him by asking him to reflect on his own actions at the naughty corner. I still haven't see any improvement on this yet...I know I gotta be patient!

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