Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mr Style-Lo-My-Lo

YanShang went for a haircut at the usual hair salon and this is what he told the hairdresser:

Hairdresser: 小老板!你要剪怎样的头发?
YS: 我要剪公鸡头。
Hairdresser: 是母鸡头还是公鸡头?
YS: 公鸡的,要剪小孩子的。

I nearly fainted hearing this from the mouth of a 3 years old, furthermore he's my son! Every now & then, he would request to have his hair styled like a 公鸡after bathing *shake head*. Apparently my mum told me that he happened to see some schoolboys styled their hair like that so he's trying to follow the trend.

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