Friday, November 7, 2008

38 Months

I have been late to update about YS's progress, so better do now before I forget everything:
1) Potty Training - Very proud to say that he is diaper free during the day time, able to inform us if he needs to poo poo / wee wee. But lazy mummy still not confident to let him stay diaperless during naptime...hehe!
2) He likes to colour with colour pencils & water colours...can concentrate for at least half an hour if he's doing any colouring without any disturbance from mei mei.
3) He can wear & remove his own pant, underwear but still need help from mummy to remove his shirt. Occasionally can undo a few buttons. Sometimes when he needs attention from mummy, he just can't be bothered to do anything and pretends he dunno how to do & bugs mummy to do for him.

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