Friday, November 7, 2008

SKMCC Here I come...

Finally we collected uniforms & name tag from SKMCC, no particular reason why I chose this school for YanShang to start his 3 hours of nursery till K2 education next year. Except that it's very near my house (within 5 minute walking distance) & good feedbacks from some neighbourhood mummies who sent their kids to this school. The current childcare centre is way too far & too inconvenient for him so I thought maybe it will be good to change him to another school. YanShang was so excited when he saw lot of bicycles stationed at one corner of the school compound. According to my knowledge, I was told that the children will be able to cycle during PE lesson. He can't wait to start his new semester next year..(mummy can't wait either hehe!)

Modelling in his new PE attire with YS showing a victory sign!

2nd outfit is the normal school uniform (YS insisted to hold on to the parent's handbook while posing)

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