Thursday, November 27, 2008

I-Pen from Popular

I was so delighted to receive 2 I-Pens & 2 sets of story books from mil today. She bought these for the kiddos hoping that they will cultivate the habit of reading as well as increase their English level. Those who known us will know that we normally converse in mandarin with our kiddos (well...occasionally hub & myself will try to converse a little bit of english with them). I guess part of the reason we exposed them to Mandarin first is becoz we felt that it's quite important & do not wish our children to act like "potato" (meaning looked like chinese but can only speak fluent english). However, we can't deny the fact that english play a vital role in today's education as well. Almost everything is written & explained in english in all subjects.

Ever since YS started schooling, he has been exposed to more english & sometimes he will try to strike a conversation with me in english (although certain words sounds like French or Indian to me..keke!). Mil has been so nice to them that she bought 2 I-Pens knowing that they will surely fight for it. So one pen for each of them is just nice & they can read to their hearts content.

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