Monday, December 1, 2008

YQ's 1st Haircut

Finally decided to bring YQ to Okinawa hair-salon located at Compass Point for a haircut (often frequent by dh & YS). Been comtemplating whether to cut her hair by myself or by the professionals. Since I did not have any confidence in my cutting skills, thought it will be better to leave it to the professional. Althought it's just a simple trim on the front and back but I did not want to take the risk to damage her fragile hair..kekeke!
During the weekend I was left alone at home to look after the kiddos so thought it might be a good idea to bring them out to the nearby shopping mall for window shopping. After I reached Okinawa, I was relieved to see that there was only 1 customer in the salon. I quickly slotted $10 into the machine, took the queue ticket & carried YQ over to the chair. She gave me a blurred look after I instructed the hairdresser on the hairstyle I wanted on her. When the hairdresser took the first snip, YQ did not have any reaction & did not cry. She just stared blankly at me & at the mirror...halfway thru the cut, she was requesting me to "bao bao" (carry) her. I tried to distract her by asking her to look at the mirror & her hair. The haircut was done in a jiffy...and YQ finally had a neat haircut! My mum & dh commented that she looked so much like me after the haircut, I was only convinced after my mum took out a picture of me when I was young.


  1. Good thing that she didn't cry :)
    I wish my kids were as obedient as yours... :)

  2. Good that she didn't cry :)
    I wish my kids were as obedient as yours :)

  3. very envy, yr mei mei is so lovely! ;)

  4. Thanks for all the compliments :P
    I guess I'm just lucky that she didn't cry.

    Levine: Your little boy also very handsome leh!