Friday, December 19, 2008

18 Months

YQ went for her booster & Hep A vaccination @ Kid's Clinic yesterday. The PD injected 2 needles into both sides of the buttock and she din even let out a single sound of pain to us. We went to mackels for a late lunch (in the end mummy had to finish almost 2 sets of kid's meal *burp*, there goes the fat content into mummy's body). I brought YS for a haircut at the Malay barber shop this time round to try out their hair cutting skills, and the haircut cost only $8 for children. I instructed the barber to give YS a crew cut instead of the usual "rooster" hairstyle that YS preferred. Since the new school term is going to start soon, might as well give him a shorter neat look. As for YQ, she was very well behaved throughout and fell asleep while waiting for her kor kor to get his haircut done.
Here are some recent development on YQ:
1) Able to say and count Number 1-5
2) Able to use colour pencil to scribble on the book
3) She likes to be carry around
4) Will come and report to us when kor kor bully her
5) She knows when to stand at the naughty corner when she is being punish for being mischievous
6) She can climb up and down from the sofa and our bed without any problem

7) Likes to act like big sister, likes to force feed kor kor with water and then wipe his mouth with a handkerchief after that.

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